The 4th Annual SOMA Western Mystery Conference

This years SOMA Western Mystery Conference promises to be phenomenal. SOMA is more diversified than ever; bringing in speakers from such rich and varied traditions as Wicca, AA, Martinism, Kabbalah, Cereminial Magic, OTO, Chaos, Freemasonry and of course Golden Dawn.

This event will be held October 16th-18th...

Seating is limited, secure your spot before its too late!
The price for this event is $250... Register early, (through July 4th) for only $150.
Use Promo Code "EARLYBIRD"
Tickets go on sale NOW!

Schedule of event are as follows:
Friday October 16th - 10am -7PM Lectures and Lunch
Friday October 16th 7pm-10pm - Meet and Greet, Book Signing Ware selling and Opening Group Ritual.
Saturday October 17th - 10am-7pm - Lectures & Lunch . - 9pm Special Ritual - 11pm Special Ritual
Sunday October 18th - 10am-3pm - More Lectures and Closing Group Ritual.

Don't miss your opportunity to see:

Chic & Tabitha Cicero
Carroll Poke Runyon
Ed Fitch
Aaron Lietch
Frater Ashen Chassan
Rufus Opus
Jason Miller
Darcy Kuntz
Taylor Ellwood
Craig Williams
Jon Gee
Paul Rana
Scott Carpenter
George Sieg

Criag Williams

Darcy Kuntz

Paxton Knight

Paul Rana

Scott Carpenter